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EQ Mini Bands

EQ Mini Bands

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For use both on and off the horse. Set of x3 EQ Mini Bands.

Please note: The grey and orange band have been designed and developed to be the perfect resistance and size for riding, and we recommend working up the resistance. The blue mini band is for OFF the horse only.


  • x3 Mini bands (Grey-Light, Orange-Medium, Blue-Heavy)
  • 1 Washable bag
  • Latex free
  • Soft and kind to skin and hair
  • No rolling up during exercise
  • Eco-certificate

Training focus:

  • Stabilization and activation of muscles and on and off the horse
  • Mobilization of knee, ankle, hip and shoulders
  • Stabilization of the trunk
  • Strengthening of small, medium and large gluteal muscles

Further application (off the horse):

  • Supporting correct exercise execution (e.g. for knee bends)
  • Supporting the targeting of certain muscles (e.g. in hip-thrust)
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