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Come and see us at The Hub in Gloucestershire, we can go through everything you need to know about your EQ BANDS™, through biomechanics with you and your horse to a personalised exercise programme for you off the horse, using your bands and/or ball. We offer training to coaches, pilates trainers etc... who want to stock and use EQ BANDS™ as part of their training. 

For those riders further afield and for clinics please do contact one of our wonderful experts and stockists below who will be more than happy to help, and equally we are also more than happy to get you in comms. 

So if you are keen to help riders and therefore their horses as much as us, via being one of our EQ BANDS™ Stockists, pop us a message in that nifty little box below and we will get in touch to get you booked in! 



Dee So'oialo - EQ Bands Founder and Distributor 

​Jo Winfield

Areas Covered: Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Isle of Man. 

Erica Winters

Areas Covered: Kent and Sussex Boarders

Clare Thompson

Areas Covered: Wiltshire, Gloucestershire

Helen Bampton

Areas Covered: Lincolnshire and Surrounding Boarders

Karzan Hughes

Areas Covered: Sheffield and surrounding areas. Abroad inc USA.

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