Jasmine Underwood – International event rider Current Team GB Europeans Selection 2022 Team Gold Junior European Medalist

EQ Bands have made a huge difference to my riding through use both on and off the horse. Using them in training on a regular basis, both with Dee and on my own at home, they have really helped me target my weaknesses and focus more on my position, which is of course a huge part of riding and being the best I possibly can be. The body bands have been brilliant for strengthening my weaker side and allowed me to target and strengthen key muscles, both through the resistance the band provides, as well as through feeling the difference it has created whilst on and then when taken off. The mini bands have also been great to help me focus on my hand position and keeping a steadier hand whilst riding, which makes a huge difference to my horse’s movement and maintaining a better contact. Off the horse I use EQ almost every day training in the gym; the resistance they provide is perfect for improving strength, in addition to challenging stability by incorporating them into exercises that correspond to my riding - this I feel has made a huge impact on my riding, and the way I feel on the horse; I feel much more confident in my ability from feeling that much stronger and prepared for the task at hand.

Phoebe Locke – 4* event rider British & European U21 champion 2019 Gold, silver and bronze medalist

I’ve been using the EQ bands since the beginning of the year and with the help from Dee they have really helped my position after having a lot of injuries. I’m very aware I have lots of instabilities, so I have used the EQ bands a lot on and off the horses to help me sort my straightness and position.

Lara Butler - Team GB Dressage Rider

The bands are a fantastic bit of equipment that I think every rider should have access too.

As a top rider I’m personally looking to improve every tiny little detail that I can. The bands make me aware of areas that need a little work as they highlight the weaker areas. I think we can all believe we are doing something even when our trainer is telling us to do it but the bands don’t let you cheat so you really have to activate those muscles that don’t necessarily like working!

Also the great thing about these bands are they can be used by anyone and are so easy to use!

Trevor Breen - Team Ireland International Showjumper

I really like the position the bands help me find in the saddle. I feel much stronger in my upper body and better on each individual horse - it shows in their way of going and my riding.

Sarah Wilkinson - Team NZ International Dressage Rider

Something I love about working with Dee is her open-mindedness at trying new ideas and ways to improve performance.

Earlier this year Dee started to use her bands with me and incorporate them into my training. They were amazing at highlighting areas in my riding that needed improvement.

What they highlighted for me, especially the arm bands, was how to use my body (core/back) more effectively instead of relying on my hands and arms. Naturally, I think riders are too dominant with their hands but after riding in these arm bands I noticed a massive difference in how light my hands became afterwards.

The body bands have also been great at pin pointing the imbalances I have in my body. For me, one of the biggest issues when riding horses is having a ‘weak’ or less flexible side. It can have a big impact on a horses way of going and these bands put you in a position where you must use your body more correctly. We have used these throughout the year in my trainings, while working on improvements to have the bands as effective and comfortable as possible.

I would highly recommend the bands for riders wanting to improve their position and overall performance!

Callum Banfield - Eventer and owner of Banfield Equestrian

I absolutely believe that you can’t practice good quality if you don’t know what good quality is. I think the bands are a fantastic idea to show the riders how it should feel by making them more aware of their weaknesses and asymmetries, with the intention they can then replicate the feeling without them. Awareness is such a massive thing. I’m excited to continue to ride in the bands and really looking forward to training my riders in them. I really believe they will have a huge impact and will give my riders and I the marginal gains we’re all striving to find.

Jo Winfield - BHS Fellow

The most effective way to improve the horses way of going is to develop an independent educated rider, who is in control of their own position, posture and balance. Teaching this ‘feel’ can be challenging but using the EQ BANDS alongside my coaching practice enables my rider's to develop their posture and balance which improves their effectiveness as an independent rider. Jo Winfield FBHS

Annie Rawlins - International Dressage Rider

After just one session with Dee using the bands I have felt a huge improvement. They made me so much more aware of my body and certain habits that I have and Dee helped me to improve on these ! I can’t recommend it enough! The more aware we become of ourselves as riders the more effective we will be!


Sascha Stokes - Mother of Elite Hub Member and YR

I would say the EQ Bands are pretty revolutionary if combined with Dee‘s introduction to them. 99% of riding is about “feel” combined with the body control to do just the right thing at the right time. The bands are like a time machine. If worn correctly, they give the rider an opportunity to experience what “feel” they need to aim for in their future riding. They break the vicious circle of the blind leading the blind. 
My daughter’s depth of seat was transformed within just a few sessions. At home, the bands are an excellent tool for resistance training. Combined with the ball, you can pretty much cover all the exercises needed for balance, a strong core and controlled flexibility. It’s the best present you can give to your horse as you will very quickly turn into a much better rider.

Jilly Hopkins - Dressage Rider

Dee always takes an holistic approach to rider and horse performance. She has so much experience and knowledge at her finger tips that she is able to tailor her treatment and exercise plans according to every individual's needs. I also benefit greatly from her biomechanics sessions, which are both fun and inspirational. Like many riders, I have developed alignment issues over the years and Dee has recently introduced EQ BANDS into my biomechanics sessions which have really helped me recognise and work on the issues.

This is transforming my position as a rider and is also allowing my horse to work more freely and with more suppleness underneath me. We are now a much more harmonious partnership, and it's all thanks to Dee!