Are you a coach wanting to deliver excellence and promote peak performance, whilst generating a new revenue stream?

After the huge success of our first programme we are delighted to offer two further courses in 2024.

EQ Bands are quickly proving to become one of the most innovative and successful training aids across the globe; and we are thrilled to be able to offer the opportunity again to 15 coaches to become accredited EQ Bands coaches, and join our mission of promoting peak performance by creating symmetrical, balanced and effective riders.

Last year we hand picked truly incredible people from applications, who have now become friends and supporters of one another. Are aim is for every other course to be as incredible, if not better. 

We have two dates in 2024 due to the popularity of the first one, at the The Hub in Gloucestershire, UK.

The newly recognised, accredited course, will encapsulate everything we believe vital to becoming a successful, modern-day, high-performing coach, with help from EQ Bands; to give you the skills to deliver impact and excellence to your riders.

Please note we do already have people confirmed with deposits and the current waitlist members have been contacted first. They have been given a time period to confirm so that other applications can be considered.

Thursday 13th - Sunday 16th June 2024
Wednesday 27th - Saturday 30th November 2024



  • I feel really priviledged to have been able to learn in such an amazing environment, from some incredibly knowledgable people, so thank you! The programme delivered over and above what I had expected.
  • LOVED IT!! I was really keen to develop my practise and branch into a slightly different pathway, I feel I now have some more tools (literally and figuratively) to work with. Thank you so much for lighting a fire in me!!!
  • I felt the speakers were a great addition to have an all rounded experience on the course, and each truly inspirational. It just made me look from a different angle than what I am used to which was refreshing!
  • Great speakers. I liked the variation of career e.g physio/riders/coaches/ chiropractors etc all able to work together and bounce ideas off each other. We were all very supportive of each other on the last day before our "test" . Going to the pub was a great idea too.
  • I learnt how bloody awesome the bands are! There were so many nuggets of gold I took away... Can I move in??
  • I got a lot more than I thought I would from it. All the speakers where excellent at communicating, engaging and portraying what they needed to to everyone.